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Our story


IMAGINE  the sun is shining and you are outdoors practicing your favorite sport, enjoying this amazing time when you feel a familiar burn start to spread across your skin. You need to put on sunscreen, but you don´t have it, and you do not want to stop right then ... This is a problem we have faced many times and it is the main reason we developed SportStick.

We wanted to create a portable and practical sunscreen that you can easily use no matter what you are doing: climbing a mountain, surfing, biking, paragliding, running, snowboarding, basically, anything… So we did!

WE CREATED a biodegradable Set of a High Performance Bio Sunscreen for Outdoor Sports and Nature Lovers, as we are, and a Wearable Smart Hanger, that can be used during any activity on earth, air, or sea, all year long. The sunscreen with natural compounds, for all skin types, is healthy to your body and the Environment, and can be used for the whole family, from kids to grandpas and grandmas!

WHY we tell you that SportStick has a high performance? Because it provides a high protection against UVA/UVB/IR rays with vegetable oils and natural minerals; a high resistance to water and Sweat also with natural compounds, and a high stability in the skin with non-greasy texture, so, it doesn´t run into the eyes and doesn´t dirty your hands.

Moreover, it´s moisturizing, an important feature to prevent aging, and it´s transparent, it means that your look is natural as you are!

WE must say that all of these features were tested and approved “in nature” with our friends and us, and of course we got the official certifications for all features.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us…We will be happy to talk to you!

Our Team

We are three sports people: Gustavo, the surfer and biochemist; Fabiola, the runner and business developer and Raphael, the snowboarder and industrial designer.

We are Nature Lovers and part of a global community that aims to regenerate the Environment growing new sustainable habits to live in tune and harmony with Mother Earth. Come to join us!

(C) 2021 Fabiola de Amorim Kosmetik Handel GBR

Fabiola de Amorim Hindenburgstraße 35 72631 Aichtal

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