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SportStick, an organic SPF 50 sunscreen, composed of non-nanoparticles physical filters and vegetabl

The use of so-called physical solar filters, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, is recommended because they behave as a protective layer that reflects the light of the sun, preventing the entry of UV rays into our skin without penetrating it (provided they are not in nanoparticle form).

In association with Vegetable Oils that act as solar Filter, the result is a very effective sunscreen. Vegetable oils have long been used by our ancestors as sunscreen. Among them are olive oil, sesame oil, carrot oil, coconut oil, marigold oil and wheat germ oil, which protect our skin from UV rays.

The combination of these two types of sunscreens, non- nano particles physical filters and vegetable oils with UV properties, provide a very effective sunscreen while moisturizing the skin.

The SporStick formula is composed of this combination of physical filters and vegetable oils, specially created to protect your skin in a healthy and effective way while also totally harmless to the Environment.