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Our commitment

Creating a product that is healthy for our bodies and the global environment designed for a sportive lifestyle. That´s our foundation.


From this premise we designed a biodegradable natural sunscreen for outdoor sportspeople, that is also hale for our biosphere.
Join us in making a positive impact with every sport adventure!


A biodegradable natural sunscreen is fundamental to environmental health. It eliminates the ecological impact by using ingredients that are natural or derived from renewable sources that decompose harmlessly in the environment, a decisive fact in the regeneration strategy of the Biosphere and a particularly important issue for athletes who often practice outdoor activities in sensitive ecosystems.

The biodegradability of a natural sunscreen extends to its positive impact on marine life, being reef safe. This differentiation is especially important, as the protection of marine life is a vital point for the balance of global ecosystems. Amateur and professional water sports athletes are great advocates of caring for the marine environment and the biodegradability of natural sunscreens ensure that the product does not contribute to coral bleaching or harm marine ecosystems.
In addition, the fact that all packaging is also biodegradable minimizes its impact on nature during decomposition and reaffirms our commitment to the health of the environment.

Natural Cosmetic Label
and Clinic Studies

SportStick is certified as a natural cosmetic by Natrue, a German certifier.

Also presented are the clinical studies carried out to guarantee that SportStick has a SPF 50, is dermatologically tested and approved, is hypoallergenic, is resistant to sweat and water, and protects our body from harmful UVA/UVB/IR rays.

We therefore emphasize to our community our commitment to the transparency of the information provided and the integrity of our product.


Just like biodegradability, sustainability is part of our product´s DNA.


The use of ingredients that are natural or those derived from renewable sources;

The product is designed to decompose naturally in the environment, without leaving harmful residues;

SportStick´s partners are also committed to respecting and caring for Nature, while producing with high quality standards;

Working with initiatives that regenerate the land, preserve water sources and reduce global plastic pollution, as SportStick already does, is our grain of sand for a healthier planet.

And, as important as the other points, the formula is an effective protection against harmful UV rays, is suitable for sensitive skin, and free from bad additives, ensuring health and safety for outdoor sports enthusiasts


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