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Born from nature

The Sun is shinning. You´re enjoying playing your favorite outdoor sport and the sun starts to irritate your skin. You need to apply sunscreen, but you don't have it at hand and you don't want to stop right now... This is a problem we've faced many times and it's the main reason we developed SportStick


About us

We are sport and nature lovers, people who love to enjoy outdoors, climbing, trekking, running, surfing, snowboarding…you get the idea!

So, for us, creating a sunscreen means to create a product that is excellent and healthy for our body, while respecting and caring for our Mother Earth. That´s why SportStick is a biodegradable set of a natural sunscreen and a portable holder for outdoor sports people.


Our values

Environmental responsability

The use of sustainable sources, natural ingredients and biodegradable materials are some of the practices to protect ecosystems such as reef-safe formula and a plastic-free product.

The team

Considering all our partners as part of the team, we are building a SportStick Community. That said, the guides of this community are Fabíola, Gustavo and Raphael.


Fabiola De Amorim

Runner and Product Developer

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Gustavo De Amorim

Surfer and Biochemist

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Raphael Lang

Snowboarder and Entrepreneur

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Contact us

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