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Natural Sunscreen and Portable Holder

SportStick is a biodegradable set of a natural sunscreen and a portable holder designed for outdoor sports people.


The Outdoor Sports Sunscreen

Hight Protection

Water and sweat resistant

Doesn't sting eyes

No Parabens / No nano

Not tested on animals

Coral reef friendly

For all kind of  outdoor sports, SportStick is water/sweat resistant, SPF50, hypoallergenic, dermatologically approved.

Natural Sunscreen

Healthy first! Our natural sunscreen, composed with mineral filters and vegetable oils does more than protect - it nourishes and hydrates your skin.

Perfect for all athletes, it shields you from UV damage and also supports skin health, reducing the risk of dryness or irritation associated with prolonged outdoor exposure. Plus, it´s non-greasy formula stays put without running into your eyes or messing your hands, ensuring comfort during application and sports practice.

Stay protected and feel great!

Portable Holder

The sunscreen portable and biodegradable Holder is made of cork, allowing outdoor sports enthusiasts to carry it easily during their adventures, safe in the knowledge that they have a product that is harmless to the environment.


Whether hiking, cycling, surfing or paragliding, its compact size and design make it practical to carry and easy to apply, ensuring that sun protection is readily available whenever needed.

Coral reef safe, no tested in animals, no parabens/ no nano, doesn't sting eyes

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