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Biodegradable Natural
Sunscreen and Portable holder

SportStick is a Biodegradable Set of a Natural Sunscreen and a Portable Holder designed for Outdoor Sports People.

The Outdoor Sports Sunscreen


Water and sweat

sting eyes


No Parabens /
No nano

No tested in animals

Coral reef friendly


Born from nature

The sun is shining. You're outdoors playing your favorite sport, enjoying this incredible moment, when you feel the sun starts to irritate your skin. You need to apply sunscreen, but you don't have it to hand and you don't want to stop right now... This is a problem we've faced many times and it's the main reason we developed SportStick

Join the Green Revolution in Outdoor Sports

Boost your store's eco-friendly vibe with our biodegradable set of a natural sunscreen and a portable holder, perfect for outdoor sports lovers.

Connect with your customers who care about our Planet.

Be the destination of choice for environmentally conscious athletes!


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